On 7th of December,1984 the first ZL was presented by Kawasaki U.S.A. in Los Angeles, California - the Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator. She was the connecting link between High Performance Sport Bikes and the Boulevard Cruiser and Chopper. Kawasaki succeeded with this motorbike a new innovation in motorcycle industries. This muscle(drag) bike caused a sensation and was one of the first pioneers of today well-known Streetfighters. Kawasaki ZL 900 Eliminator - The mother of Streetfighter.
After sucessful appearance of the ZL900 Eliminator at the U.S.-market in 1985 some other Eliminator-models were built and offered; for the European market the ZL 600 and the ZL 1000. The 900 and the 750 were sold as grey-import only and for this reason very rare on the street concerning to the fact that many Kawa-dealers refused the service and repairs. For Austria a ZL 500 was offered because of governmental tax law. In Japan the 750 and the 400 were mainly sold. Later on that followed the 250- and 125 models, sold sucessfully till today. Eliminator, a model line which wrote history.